the universal mark.

Have you ever been somewhere that you just loved and couldn't wait to get back to? Well, the Finger Lakes Region of New York State could very easily be one of those places... Which is why we developed a way that you can take a piece of the Finger Lakes home with you!

The term "FLX" stands for "Finger Lakes", FLX began in 2002 and has become the universal mark of our region. When you visit be sure to look for FLX souvenirs at various retailers around the area and if for some reason you cannot find what you're looking for you can purchase them off of this website! 


Whether you're a visitor to the Finger Lakes or you own a business in the FLX area, we offer a wide variety of products that both consumers and businesses will love! From apparel to coffee mugs, tote bags to co-branded shot glasses, we've got it. Interested in how you can co-brand custom items for your business? Drop us a line or send us a message for more details... We can make product suggestions and develop samples branded with FLX and your logo prior to purchasing. 





"we love the finger lakes region and now our new flx gear!"

— Charlotte S. Brooklyn, New York